Kaam Ke Log

The above heading “Kaam Ke Log(KKL) literally translates into English as Useful and productive people, they are very valuable possession of any organsaition or a Nation. Their behaviour, attitudes, mannerism is very different from other category of people called as Nam ke Log( NKL) literally meaning Name Sake Folks. Our endeavour is to recognise, value and reward KKL types and incentivise the NKL types to evolve to become KKL both within the organisational and outside.
These dedicated and assiduous KKL types of people in our company and their ilk at our suppliers whom we are fortunately associated with are the people behind our company’s, region’s and country’s economic growth.
India is the fastest growing country in GDP terms only due to the selfless dedication and hard work of these KKL types and we use every opportunity to enlighten this to them and others.

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This page on our website is dedicated to the workers, supervisors, QC/QA technicians, engineers and Managers who are reason behind success and growth of our organisation. We have Japanese, German and American Machines and softwares, but all of these mechanical and ingenious algorithmic softwares would come to naught but for these Industrious and diligent women and men of our factories.
Paramount virtue of our organisation is the type of people working with us, we jubilantly cherish and take honest pride in being associated with them. As we are an Indian company we believe in Karma however irrational it may sound and we intend to do what is righteous and truly turn our back on thought, action and process that causes harm or suffering to people we are associated with, be it customers, suppliers or our colleagues and team members.