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Preface to the introduction:
“The following introduction of our founder is proudly written and compiled by the team members of MVM Industries without allowing her to edit even small bit, we introduce her as follows......”

Here’s the introduction:
Founder of the company is a pragmatic business leader and a charismatic woman. She has an uncanny ability to excel quickly and comfortably against all odds in any task with limited resources at her disposal.

Her journey from a small town called Chickmagalur in Karnataka to working in a swanky and sumptuous gigantic software organisations in the United states and returning back to India to set up a manufacturing business entity is a story of Inspiration for us in our organisation.

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Many of us are inching towards a decade of association with her and we can comfortably claim that her interest and excitement in answering the queries of a new customer, installing a new machine or software, recruiting a new team member is still the same as it was in our start-up phase.

We are regularly subjected to sermons from her about healthy life, pride of work citing Japnese and Germans, equality and room for dissent referring to French, diligent working habits pointing to Chinese and South Koreans, about efficiency of private enterprise America and finally on compassion, caring and content crediting solely to our Indian culture. We are thankful to her for inducing these virtues and introducing us to these marvellous thoughts and ideas.
Few of us at MVM Industries who did not have an opportunity to get formally educated, today we proudly claim ourselves as tech workers of the company. We now know how to use resistors, inductors, capacitors and IGBTs in a power circuit and fix them if they misbehave. We have the privilege to appreciate and put to action the theories of Charles fourier and Maxwell in our factory.

Melioristic virtues and Methods is what our founder believes is solution of all global issues and MVM is acronym for this complicated doctrine and we are truthfully trying to pronounce and practice Meliorism.

Contribution to founder’s introduction: Chaya, Sunitha, Maya, Meena, Prabhakar, Anuj, Rakesh and Priyanka.