CSM - 10

Design & Make

This chimney is made from Heat Resistant Tempered Glass & Stainless Steel. It has Heat Resistant Tempered Glass Canopy & Stainless Steel body with Mirror Finish. Its Suction Capacity is 1000 m3/hr.

Suction Capacity

Air Suction Capacity is the motor’s capacity to absorb the odor and oily vapor and is measured as m3 per hour. A higher suction capacity is needed where a lot of frying is involved. Homes associated with normal frying requires upto 400 cubic meter per hour capacity's chimney.

Lighting System

It comes with 2 Halogen Lamps for better illumination. It comes with Baffle Filters for long life.


-> Heat resistant tempered glass canopy
-> Mirror finish stainless steel hood
-> 1000m3/hr. suction capacity
-> Halogen lamps for illumination
-> Baffle filters for long life
-> 200 watts motor
-> Digital display