KSM - 13

Safety with Style:

Any appliance which is used for boiling liquid needs to be designed accordingly so that its electrical circuits stay protected. The steel kettle with glass lid has concealed elements which not only protect the user, but also the kettle from damage.

Automatic Stop:

This leak-proof kettle does not need to be monitored constantly as it works. It has an auto-stop feature which shuts it down when the water has boiled. This prevents it from boiling dry, and ensures a long life for the appliance.

Easy to Clean:

This sturdy kettle is shaped like uniform cylinder, and has a wide mouth which makes it easy to clean. Hence, it is left fresh-smelling and odour-free even if you have been boiling milk in it.

Aluminium Body with see through cap:

Made of high-quality food grade aluminium, this kettle with glass lid has a durable body. The transparent glass lid not only makes it look stylish, but also enables you to keep an eye on the water or milk you are boiling to make sure it is done just right! Single Touch Lid Locking


  • >> Concealed element
  • >> Translucent water gauge
  • >> Automatic cut-off
  • >> Single touch lid locking
  • >> 360˚ swivel power base