ISM - 9

Time and Temperature Setting

This plastic induction is definitely one of a kind. It has a rotator control for temperature and heat while it has modes for heating and cooking. It has dual heat sensor so, take control of all the heat that is going inside your food and let it be cooked perfectly.

Indian menu options:

This induction cooktop from Prestige has pre-set Indian menu to help you to cook your favorites dish without any qualms

Anti-Magnetic Wall

Designed to keep you safe from magnetic radiation, this induction stove has been manufactured with an antimagnetic wall that provides a safe environment.

Dual heat sensor

The dual heat sensors prevent overheating by sensing the cookwareu0027s temperature


  • >> Soft touch buttons
  • >> Unique control knob
  • >> High/low voltage protection
  • >> Anti-magnectic wall
  • >> Dual heat sensors
  • >> 2000 watts power
  • >> 1 year warranty