WGSM - 5

Conical Grinding Stones:

Fine grinding of the ingredients is achieved in this grinder by the use of two conical grinding stones that are specially shaped and designed to have a high contact area. This allows more of the batter to be ground at any given time to a finer consistency. These are also more efficient.

Food Grade Stainless Steel Drum:

This wet grinder uses a high quality 1.25 liter stainless steel drum for the grinding and is made out of food grade steel. It lasts for years without corrosion or accumulation of microbes and gives a healthy and clean batter ready for cooking.

Rust Proof Plastic Body:

The body of the grinder is made out of the tough and stylish looking ABS plastic. It is able to take rough handling and last for a very long period of time. It is also rust proof, easy to clean and maintain. This is also shock-proof as it is plastic.

Powerful Motor:

This wet grinder is powered by a powerful 200 Watt motor that produces a high torque at low RMP to move the drum and the grinding wheels. It performs efficiently even under full load conditions without damage for long periods of time and lasts for years.

Other Important Features:

The lid arm swings up to allow you to detach the grinding drum in an easy manner making its operation effortless. This is known as a rotary arm and enables easy handling. Also, this grinder features a safety lock during the operation and a built in motor protector that cuts off power in case of a power surge. This also contributes to the long life and low maintenance of this table-top kitchen appliance.


  • >> Compact table top design
  • >> Stainless steel drum
  • >> High quality grinding stones
  • >> 1.25 litre capacity
  • >> Unique rotary arm
  • >> Coconut scrapper attachment
  • >> Atta kneader attachment
  • >> 200 watts motor