GHSM - 2

Stainless Steel Metal Base:

This 3 burner AI Hob Top is built with a sturdy and reliable metal exterior, which has the advantage of not overheating while you are cooking. It will set firmly on the kitchen top and will save on space as well.

Toughened Glass Cooktop:

This gas stove from has a toughened glass cooktop in black and silver that will help in revamping the look of your kitchen to a large extent. It will also not be very difficult to clean and can be done a regular basis.


Maintaining this 3 burner AI Hob Top is very easy and hassle free. After you cook on it, food stains will keep accumulating that can be removed with ease. In order to remove these food stains, you can utilise a mild glass cleanser and then wipe off the top with a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use a hard scrubber as that might bring scratches on the stove. You can use a clean dry cloth after cooking in order to clean the burners.