ISM - 6

Indian menu options:

This induction cooktop has pre-set Indian menu to help you to cook your favorite dish without any qualms.

Anti-Skid Steel Ring:

The anti-skid steel ring this appliance is built with ensures it stays in place and does not slide or slip when in use

Automatic Voltage Regulator:

Integrated with an automatic voltage regulator, this appliance can withstand power surges from the power line that could damage the induction stove

Dual heat sensor:

The dual heat sensors prevent overheating by sensing the cookwareu0027s temperature

Power Consumption Display:

While this unique feature of power consumption display stands out from the rest of the induction stoves, this appliance not just shows you the consumption but also consumes lesser power incorporating the power saver technology. The appliance consumes a maximum of 2000 watts for an efficient performance


  • >> Indian menu options
  • >> Anti-skid steel ring
  • >> Automatic voltage regulator
  • >> Power consumption display
  • >> Automatic Keep Warm function
  • >> Dual heat sensor
  • >> 2000 Watts power
  • >> 1 year warranty