RCM - 5


The rice cooker with aluminium pan and stainless steel lid has a capacity of 1 liter. It is more than enough for a group of 4-7 people. This cooker works on 700 watts of power and 240 Volts electricity. This cooker saves you a lot of time as you can do other work along with making rice. Now you do not need to focus on just the gas stove, as this easy to use rice cooker will provide comfort to your already busy life.


The rice cooker with aluminium pan and stainless steel lid has an aluminium body and a stainless steel lid. Both these metals help to make this cooker highly sturdy and durable. The metals help to capture maximum steam inside and prevent the heat loss which further results in efficient and fast cooking. Also the sleek and compact design of this cooker makes it an immediate purchase.


The rice cooker with aluminium pan and stainless steel lid is not compatible with gas applications and therefore, should not be kept away from gas. It works best with electricity only. It comes with a detachable power cord that can be neatly kept inside the cabinets when the cooker is not in use. This energy efficient cooker has an aluminium cooking pan so that rice does not stick at the bottom of the pan. Also, this cooker comes with cool touch handles, which keep your hands safe and protected.


It is perfect for cooking stews, porridge, soups, pulao, idli and steam vegetables with no hassle at all. The stainless steel lid closes tightly and keeps all the steam inside while the heavy aluminium base prevents burning. This product has a beautiful white polish with a vibrant red design, which makes it highly appealing and pleasing to the eye. With the safe on/off controls and the lighting indicator, this product is indeed a steal.


  • >> Stainless steel close fit lid
  • >> 1 aluminium cooking pan
  • >> Detachable power cord
  • >> Cooks up to 1KG. of rice