MGSM - 11

>> Compactly built and elegantly designed, this mixer grinder occupies less space but attracts more attention.
>> Sturdy Body made up of ABS plastic.
>> It has very appealing white with indigo base combination.

Three Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Jars :

Sl No Jar Description Capacity Material Handle Lid
1 Wet Grinding Jar 1500 ml Stainless Steel ABS Transparent Plastic Dome Lid
2 Semi Dry Grinding Jar 1000 ml Stainless Steel ABS White Opaque Lid
3 Dry Grinding Jar 300 ml Stainless Steel ABS White Opaque Lid

Features & Functions:

Super Sharp Blades:

The ABS plastic mixer grinder has super sharp blades that perform grinding, chopping and blending exceedingly well. They can even churn through hard vegetables and fruits with much ease and without affecting the motor.

Anti-Skid Feet:

The ABS plastic mixer grinder has an anti-skid feature that is firm and sticks to the platform for providing a firm grip and steady posture. It allows the appliance perform all activities pretty well and consistently.

Rust Proof Plastic Body:

This easy to use grinder has a rust proof body that is easy to maintain and will never lose its finish what so ever be the circumstances. The body is made up of ABS plastic that is corrosion resistant and will be your partner for long.

Other Important Features:

This durable mixer from Snapdeal comes with a rubber lining across the jars for preventing leakages and spills. The handles are well built that make it easy to hold the jars while in operation and also while emptying the contents. This mixer with stainless steel jars comes in white with indigo base. It looks spectacular while resting in your kitchen and is also highly functional in terms of utility and performance. It runs on 750-watts of power and requires only 240 volts of current. This mixer with 3 speed settings is extremely lightweight and is highly portable. It is compact in size and can easily fit in one corner for operation and storage. It comes with 3 speed settings that can be adjusted according to need and difficulty level. The whole unit comes with one-year warranty card, user manual, blades, top lids and 3 jars