MGSM - 16

>> Compactly built and elegantly designed, this mixer grinder occupies less space but attracts more attention.
>> Sturdy Body made up of ABS plastic.
>> 3 Stainless steel jar.

Three Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Jars :

Sl No Jar Description Capacity Material Handle Lid
1 Wet Grinding Jar 1500 ml Stainless Steel ABS Transparent Plastic Dome Lid
2 Semi Dry Grinding Jar 1000 ml Stainless Steel ABS White Opaque Lid
3 Dry Grinding Jar 300 ml Stainless Steel ABS White Opaque Lid

Features & Functions:

Powerful Universal Motor AC supply:

The powerful 750W universal motor which operates with the AC supply of 220-240V, reduces the hysteresis in the motor core resulting in less temperature rise, thereby increasing the life of the motor.

Power Consumption:

This prestige mixer grinder is energy-efficient and it consumes a power of only 750 W and requires a power input of 220-240 V. This helps to keep your electricity bill in check even if you use it regularly.