WGSM - 4

Conical Grinding Stones:

The grinding action is done by specially designed conical grinding stones that are of a high quality and have a great wear resistance. With their heavy mass and high contact surface area, they grind up the ingredients to a fine paste.

2 Litre Food Grade Stainless Steel Drum:

The grinding drum on the Prestige wet grinder has a two litre capacity and can grind up sizable batches of batter to make more Idlis and Dosas. The drum is made out of a high quality food grade stainless steel that keeps the batter fresh without contamination.

Unbreakable Transparent Lid:

The Prestige PWG 05 wet grinder features a strong polycarbonate lid that covers up the drum during operation. Being transparent it also allows you to look into the drum while grinding. It is tough and durable and lasts for long.

Non-Slip Feet:

The grinder features non slip feet that keep it firmly planted on the floor. The feet material is designed to give superior grip and vibration noise reduction during operation.

Other Important Features:

A specialized tool allows you to mix and knead atta for your chapattis and rotis while you go take care of other things. This wet grinder also features a coconut scraping tool which allows you to scrape coconuts quickly, shortening your time in the kitchen.


  • >> Compact table top design
  • >> Stainless steel drum
  • >> High quality grinding stones
  • >> 2 litre capacity
  • >> Coconut scraper attachment
  • >> Atta kneader attachment
  • >> 200 watts motor